CBD Hemp Oil

Hey Texas, Way to Recognize CBD as Medicine!

Texas Says YES to Medicine Freedom How exciting that States continue to make progress with smart legislation that allows consumers and patients to choose natural therapies with cannabis that are proven to be effective! Today the Texas Senate passed a bill allowing for limited medical marijuana applications – specifically that of Cannabidiol Oil.  In this “Wild West” of Cannabis Legalization, we are seeing terms used that make it confusing for some consumers.  Cannabidiol (CBD), which is found in large amounts in hemp, is actually legal to purchase and sell in all 50 States as long as there are no traceable amounts of THC and it is in quantities that do not qualify as “medical grade” (versus being a daily supplement).  So, the bills at the State level of government are only applicable to CBD products that also contain THC (which is often referred to as “marijuana”), or are found in such high quantities of CBD, that the shipping of the product is not ‘legal’ because there are amounts of THC that are higher than what is allowed at the federal and State level of some governments. Do you know what the difference is between Cannabis Oil, Marijuana Oil, Hemp Oil, and CBD Oil?  You can read about that here.  What is most important is to understand that the CBD oil supplement that we sell at That’s Natural! IS already legal to purchase and sell in all 50 States because it is strictly CBD and is for use as a daily supplement.  You can see on Amazon and Google, that there are many other choices for CBD hemp oil supplements – that are legal to purchase and sell in all 50 States. The CBD Oil that is being legalized in Georgia, Alabama, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina – is that which also contains “marijuana”, or THC – which is the psychoactive component, and is potentially so high in CBD that it is considered “medical-grade” (versus a daily supplement) and would not be legal to ship over State lines. Know your medicine and know your right to medicine freedom!  That’s Natural! stands for transparency and purity – to ensure that our customers understand the market and understand their rights.  To take CBD hemp oil as a supplement is already legal in all 50 States, and we are so happy that State governments are recognizing Cannabis as medicine for the treatment of sickness and disease, with the legalization of all uses of the Cannabis plant.

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