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Scientists Find New Sources of Plant Cannabinoids Other than Medical Marijuana?

Interesting information on cannabinoids and other plants that may have beneficial uses and that could positively affect our Endocannabinoid System inside of our bodies.

Montana BioTech

July 12th, 2010 | by J.Marcu |

The BritishJournal of Pharmacology (link to article: BJP) has devoted another issue to the theme of cannabinoids. This issue contains numerous intriguing articles that you would be hard pressed to find discussed among media and science outlets.  In a recent NPR Science Friday show on medicalcannabis, Ira Flatow and guests suggested that there is a suppression of cannabis and cannabinoidresearch findings due to politics. This causes some journals to rejectcannabinoidresearch without even reading the manuscript.  Researchjournals are hesitant to publishresearch on cannabinoids, and many researchers often have to squander valuable funds re-submitting articles until they find a journal that will allow their research to be peerreviewed.  The BJP deserves our attention for the great service it is doing for cannabinoidresearchers—allowing our findings to be shared and…

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