CBD Hemp Oil

Do You Know Where Your CBD Oil is Coming From?

Know Your Farmer 1

That’s Natural! has promoted “Knowing Your Farmer” for nearly ten years now.  The same concept applies to anything that you eat, drink, or put on your body.  Do you know where that product is coming from?

You may be alarmed to find out that many food products that are sold here in the United States, actually originated in a foreign country.  And we aren’t talking about fancy imported goods – we are talking about staples like chicken from China and beef from Brazil.  Not to cause alarm, but we just want to remind you that these other countries may not uphold the same standards and agricultural practices (and manufacturing processes) as we do here in our country.

Since we have our own line of That’s Natural Premium CBD Hemp Oil – we thought it important to remind you to also know your hemp farmer!  If you are taking or considering taking a CBD hemp oil supplement – make sure you know where that hemp is being grown and where the product is being manufactured at.  Also, you should know how the oil is being refined.  In our product, we use a supercritical CO2 extraction process – that does not contain any dangerous solvents.  We are unsure if other CBD hemp oils do the same – it is a question you should be asking.

Be an avid and aware consumer – and you will do your body due diligence, with products that are pure, and will positively affect your health and wellness.  We can’t count on anyone but ourselves to really know and vet the products we consume.  So, know your hemp farmer, and know your CBD!

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