Saying “No Thanks” to Fluoride

No Fluouride Faucet for TN

Recently, the United States’ federal government said that there should be LESS fluoride in drinking water.  We agree.  As a matter of fact, we don’t think there should be any fluoride.

Perhaps we should give this just a moment of reflection and be grateful that at least there is a discussion of this at the federal level of government.  Fluoride is a “new thing” when it comes to our drinking water (for thousands of years, humans did NOT add fluoride to drinking water), and arguably not beneficial to the actual health and wellness of all people.

Town by town, State by State, we can introduce common-sense policy to our food, water, and medicine.

At That’s Natural, we embrace the opportunity for individuals to choose for themselves the food and medicines that they decide to ingest.  We desire to bring to light the nefarious addition of chemicals to American’s water and food supply – as it is a natural right for individuals to choose for themselves what they consume… That’s Natural!

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