Legislation Nation

Stop the Personal Care Products Safety Act (S. 1014)

This is Your Soap Regulated by the Federal Government

Bureaucracy and the heavy hand of the federal government continue to challenge cottage industries with broad, top-down legislation that, if enforced, could wipe out artisan soap makers and other producers of such items.

The “Personal Care Products Safety Act” seeks to create rules and enforce regulations upon small businesses and individuals who create ‘personal care products’.  Of course this could mean just about anything.  In the case of this particular article – it could actually wipe out a very small revenue stream for nuns.  Way to go Washington – I feel safer already?

Even if legislation like this does get passed – we have ample opportunity at the State and local levels of government to bring common sense back into regulation – and we will.

In the meantime, if you have time to call your ‘representatives’, we urge you to ask them to take their dirty hands off of our natural hand-made soaps and personal care products.

– Tisha Casida

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