Medicine Freedom

Science vs. Reality – When Big Pharma Hurts Natural Medicine

Over the course of history, innovators and individuals who challenged authority, challenged “experts”, and challenged “science” have been made out to look like lunatics.  Many times, after these people die – oftentimes broken-hearted and impoverished, society finds out that they were actually right.

It is so important to remember that ‘science’ is always evolving and there is absolutely nothing wrong with questioning the findings of scientists and statisticians.  That’s how we all learn.  When it comes to Cannabis, and the many, many non-psychoactive benefits of consuming this plant, we must be wary and vigilant about the push-back from the ‘traditional’ medical establishment.  With Cannabis and Cannabidiol (CBD) as a cost-effective and non-invasive treatment for many diseases, the people involved with large pharmaceutical companies, will continually fight the validity and progress of studies done with this plant.

Dr. Ernie Murakami is fighting this pushback.  In his study and treatment of patients, he has found that a large number of those patients have actually been misdiagnosed, with many more people actually having Lyme disease versus what was initially diagnosed by medical professionals.  Using a Cannabidiol (CBD) paste, Dr. Murakami is helping his patients, who have sometimes went years without relief.  Here, you can read the complete article by Erin Knutson from the Hope Standard.

Remember – science changes and evolves, oftentimes to benefit certain industries that use the force of law to control the actions of people.  Trust your instincts, do your own research, and stand up for your food and medicine freedom while you can!

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