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Cannabis Oil Cured Bowel Cancer Claims Father


What if there WERE Cures for Cancer

In a story from the Daily Mail (U.K.), a 33-year old father defied his prognosis of terminal cancer by taking cannabis oil.

You can read the whole story here.

What does cannabis mean for modern medicine?  We believe that we are looking at a natural medicine revolution.  Hemp and cannabis can be grown almost anywhere – and have literally no side-effects from their ingestion if taken in natural form.  The fact that there are more and more stories coming out about the use of both THC and CBD (Cannabidiol) and their positive effects on the human body – is reason to start doing your own research and investigation into this potential treatment for disease.

Because the United States’ federal government refuses to “allow” clinical research (that is “approved” by the FDA) on cannabis as a medicine at this time, it is up to us – as people – to do our own research and decide for ourselves if we want to use products such as cannabis oil, hemp oil, and other forms of cannabis, involving various cannabinoids – including THC and CBD.  Having the responsibility to do some investigation ourselves, is actually, quite exciting.

We are so happy to see the success of patients who took their lives into their own hands when doctors gave up on their body and their will.  Take your medicine freedom into your own hands – That’s Natural!

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