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Get the FDA Out of Food – Example: KIND Bars

Yet another case of a federal government agency, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) causing issues for manufacturers of products that are a benefit to consumers.

KIND Bars are under fire for not being “healthy” like they claim to be.  The cause?  The amount of saturated fat in KIND Bars.  Well, there are a couple pieces of the puzzle missing here – first of all, although the ingredients causing the increased saturated fat levels are nuts (quite healthy in moderation), there is a lack of information here about how people really DO NEED saturated fats for a healthy body and brain.  Secondly, there is the lack of understanding that people have a right to choose what they want to eat and have a responsibility for deciding for themselves what is healthy or not.

Marketing is a big gray area.  For example, there are shampoos and conditioners that claim to be “organic”, making them sound very natural and desirable.  Of course, we have to remember that if you look at the raw definition of “organic” – arsenic qualifies as an organic compound.  Saying something is “natural” or “farm-raised” is nothing monitored or regulated by any agency – and who cares if it was?  Even if it was regulated like the supposed USDA Organic program – there are loopholes, and there are people and companies that are not true to what they are representing. (Your best bet always is to KNOW YOUR FARMER.)

No one can decide for anyone else what is “healthy” or not.  Labeling is great – it gives people the option of seeing for themselves what this company is claiming to be as “healthy”.  When the FDA goes after companies and products like these KIND bars, it brings into question the use of taxpayer money to regulate and enforce such mandates.

I am giving a lot of credit to people and consumers here – but I think that it is a right – to choose for oneself what to eat and drink.  That’s Food Freedom.  And I wish the FDA would focus its time and our taxpayer money on something a bit more egregious than the saturated fat levels in nuts that are in KIND bars (which ARE a MUCH healthier option than a lot of the other stuff out there).

– Tisha Casida

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