Denver-Metro Colorado Ag Tourism – Spring 2015

All products need markets to reach new customers, and the Denver-Metro area is the most population-dense area of the State for doing that.  Although most of the land is developed for housing and commercial enterprises (hey – there is STILL ample opportunity for growing food in the city) – the availability of markets and restaurants that feature fresh, Colorado fare – is abundant.

The stalwart of all markets is The Market at Larimer Square – which is the oldest, continuous market in downtown Denver.  Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as offering a robust deli case (hot foods, sandwiches, and salads) and fresh-made bakery goods (oh my, the pies!) – this is a must-stop on your trip to Denver.  We strongly advise you to take a look at their map on their website to make sure you find every gem in the market when you visit.

Colorado grows many good things – including smart policies and industries!  The Wynkoop is THE original brewpub in Colorado.  In 1988, this history-making business started and has created the pathway for more craft beers (which, as you hopefully know, is part of what makes Colorado so awesome) and more brew-pubs.  Such a significant creation would have to have delicious brews and delicious food – and you won’t be disappointed when you visit the Wynkoop.

Fermented foods and beverages have been consumed for thousands of years to improve the health and wellness of individuals – so we at That’s Natural! consider beer an essential vitamin – and have first-hand experiences with these medicinal drinks at the Wynkoop (the beers there produced a great Governor, didn’t they?!).

While You’re There…

Don’t forget to stop by the Tattered Cover, one of our absolute favorite book stores.  Now with two locations!  As best said on their website “an experience you can’t download”.  Get out there and buy some books on how to grow your own food!

Tattered Cover in Historic LoDo

1628 16th Street – Denver, CO 80202

Hours: Mon – Fri, 6:30am to 9pm; Sat 9am to 9pm; Sun10am to 6pm


Tattered Cover at Union Station (across the corner from the main LoDo store)

1701 Wynkoop Street in Historic Lower Downtown Denver

Store Hours: Mon – Fri, 8am to 7pm; Sat 9am to 7pm; Sun 10am to 5pm

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