Mysterious Blob Affecting Our Weather?

Scientists are declaring that it isn’t what we refer to as ‘Climate Change‘ affecting our country’s ‘mysterious’ and different weather this season, but perhaps instead this “blob” that has been apparent in the Pacific Ocean for a year and a half.

Our questions are:

1. Could some of this be attributed to the massive dumping of trash in the Pacific Ocean that we, as individuals, could actually DO something about?

2. Has there been under-sea nuclear testing from our government or other governments that could have contributed to the phenomena?

3. Is there some relationship to the continued, drastic leakage from Fukushima (that is not getting much press coverage)?

4. What is the relationship between what is happening in the ocean and what may be happening in the atmosphere thanks to HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research) and its shooting of energy into the ionosphere?

This pool of water “blob” is about seven degrees warmer than usual, and stretches for several hundred miles off the west coast of the U.S. and Mexico.  This finding warrants some serious attention and media-play.  There are many forces and factors at work that may be affecting our climate – it is time that we as people, start ‘helping’ our protective agencies to find them and pay attention to them.

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