Reclaiming Our Ability and Our Right to Grow Food


One of the hot social topics is the way that wealth (often considered to be money) is created, dispersed, and the gaps in wealth that come from policies and social behaviors.

Wealth is not just limited to “money”, though.  Wealth, for most of human existence, has included the ability to have food, clothing, and shelter – with (hopefully) the occasional libation and enjoyment of the arts.  Being able to grow your own food is one of the greatest and most important types of wealth that we can have as people.  Not only do you reclaim your sovereignty and ability to take care of your nutritional needs, but you ultimately save resources (money and environmental), and you get to have full knowledge of what you are consuming.  How powerful is that?

Colorado lays claim to a diversity of resources – our land, water, and super-sunny calendar lends itself to growing some fabulous food.  From the famous “Rocky Ford Cantaloupes”, to the mouth-watering “Olathe Sweet Corn”, to those delicious “Palisade Peaches” and all-natural, humanely-raised “Grass-Fed Beef” – the river valleys, plains, and mesas of Colorado feed us, and the country.

If you have even just a flower bed outside – there is no excuse not to try growing some of your own food.  With a quarter of an acre, you can likely feed your entire family.  An entire acre can help feed the community.  We know all too well how easy it is to say that you don’t have the time – but we want to encourage you this Spring to try and rethink what your wealth is.  And maybe see that the greatest of all types of wealth on the planet, is the very food that you put into your body and brain.

How can we fight income inequality, wealth distribution, and ‘bought and paid for’ policies that harm ‘average’ working people?  We can teach people how to grow the most amazing and nutritious food, and we can feed ourselves and our loved ones with this knowledge, that can then be handed down for generations to come.  The greatest wealth is truly good food.  This Spring, start with just a few plants, or jump in all the way with your entire garden – and watch your wealth flourish.

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