Roundup Possibly Carcinogenic? We Knew THAT!

The World Health Organization (WHO) has come around to the idea that there is a “possible” link between popular insect and weed killers and various forms of cancer.  I believe that many of us have been leaning that way for awhile, but it is good news that such a ‘worldly’ organization may be publishing information pertinent to human health.

Five different insecticides and herbicides – glyphosate (Roundup), malathion, diazinon, tetrachlorvinphos and parathion – were discussed by 17 experts from 11 countries.

Malathion ‘may’ contribute to the development of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and prostate cancer.  In rodents, the insecticide could cause “chromosomal damage” and disrupts “hormone pathways”.

The WHO report uses “limited evidence” as the key finding.  For people like myself, just a sliver of evidence is enough to do a lot more studying – specifically before the chemical is already in people’s backyards (hmmm, kind of like genetically modified organisms (GMOs) – thank you federal government.

One thing I have always wondered is – if a product kills insects or weeds, what exactly may that do to the inside of my body?  It seems like there would be some relationship, even if on a small scale – exposure to toxic chemicals is just not good for one’s body.  Ever.

There’s always going to be a strong and healthy argument for the use of these products from the conventional agricultural industry – and I understand.  But I also hope that people will do their due diligence and research what is going on outside our doors, and figure out ways to protect the insides of our bodies.

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