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Stop Giving Money to Policy-Makers & Start Giving Money to Farmers

Stop Giving Money to Policy-Makers, Start Giving Money to Farmers

Monsanto, the large multi-national agriculture and chemical company that is known well for its genetically modified products and Round Up Ready super-pesticides, now has America’s government’s okay and approval for a new round of genetically-modified soybeans and cotton.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has given Monsanto the go-ahead to introduce such products into American’s soil (not to mention giving whatever “non-regulated” status would mean).  And now the company awaits approval for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – that will most likely send it into our food supply.  This scratches the backs and satisfies the Brobdingnagian cronyism and revolving door amongst companies like Monsanto and the people at the top levels of America’s government.

So, what can we do?  We certainly can’t out-spend them in elections.  We have witnessed this with the GMO labeling effort in several States.  Maybe instead of throwing money at policy, we should spend money with farmers.  Isn’t that the most grass-roots way we can protect our food supply?  Give money to farmers who will refuse to ever use genetically modified seeds?  And give money to producers who refuse to use genetically modified products?

Ideally, our foods and medicines would not be “bought” by people with alternative goals, other than satisfying the true health and wellness needs of our people.  But, at the federal level of government – food and medicine IS bought, and therefore we have to fight back at a different level.

I am asking you to stop spending money with policy-makers and instead, seek out the farmers and producers who are willing to stand up for your food freedom.  Our money is so much more powerful when we bring it closer to our community – and with our food – this is the only way to really fight back against genetically modified foods and products.

– Tisha Casida

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