Farmers & Producers

Guerrilla Tactics for Fighting Back Against Bad Bureaucracy

Tisha Casida Interviews Joel Salatin, from Polyface Farms

1. Community Supported Agriculture

Don’t buy products – INVEST in the Farm!  When we aren’t actually engaging in “commerce”, then we can avoid being criminals for choosing local food. Many laws are NOT about FOOD SAFETY, they are about ACCESS to the market.  If we don’t sell anything, then we avoid being stopped by government force.  This means, as a consumer, you will be sharing risk by investing in the farmer – NOT PURCHASING the product.  This supports farmers  and producers while allowing consumers the freedom of sharing risk with the people they want to support!

2. Use Loopholes

If the letter of the law does not specify exactly what it is requiring, then you have room to figure out how to make your farming or production operations work for you while still technically complying with the supposed intent of what the law wants.  If there are no specifics about variables – then that means you have room to work with – and still be accomplishing what is ‘required’ by you from these regulations!

3. Make Regulators & Government Agents Put Everything in Writing

When you are communicating with anyone claiming to represent or enforce ‘the law’, require them to put everything in writing.  This not only holds their feet to the fire and becomes a public record, but it slows down the process and allows more time for common sense in regulation to prevail.


See Tisha’s complete interview with Joel Salatin here!

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