Food Freedom

Triclosan, It Is So Good to See You Go!

No Triclosan

– Tisha T. Casida

Almost ten years ago, I stopped using anti-bacterial soap.  I just use essential oils (or natural bar soaps).


Why?  Because I read a study about how Triclosan mimics hormones, and was shown to create abnormalities in frogs.  Well, if it is causing anything abnormal to happen to any species, then it is sure to have an effect on us.  It appears that at least in Minnesota, they have come to the same conclusion, by banning triclosan in most consumer hygiene products.


For ten years, I have never used the soaps dispensed in gas stations, schools, grocery stores, etc.  I use a combination of cinnamon, eucalyptus, lemon, clove, and rosemary oils.  And I don’t get sick.  I don’t get flu-shots either.  (Hey – I am not saying don’t wash your hands – that is gross, I am saying, there are alternatives to the anti-bacterial chemicals.)


This is another example of a product “approved by” a government agency, which is now showing to have dangerous effects on people’s hormonal development, immune systems, and overall health and wellness.  Do YOU trust the government to tell you what is good for you?


As individuals, we can all appreciate a government that does what it is formed to do – protect people’s property.  People’s property can’t be protected when they have to trust a government agency to “approve” what is good (based on the contributions that government officials and representatives get from the corporations and industry that wants to be “approved”).  People always deserve the freedom to choose what they want to consume or put onto their bodies.


Bye-bye triclosan – I can stand as a testimony to the non-danger of not using the anti-bacterial chemicals that can destroy your body and your ability to reproduce.  I am alive, I am healthy, and I am free.  Are you?


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