Food Freedom

Monsanto Protection Act – Thank You Congress!

TN_Monstanto Protection Act

By: Tisha T. Casida

In another blatant exposition of the corruption at our federal level of government, a bill passed without much opposition from either side of the aisle (because our representatives don’t actually read or write the bills that they are passing) that protects multi-national “food” conglomerate Monsanto from being held responsible for its sown seeds (its genetically modified, untested, unproven-how-it-affects-humans sown seeds).

Basically this bill stops the ability of consumers to seek redress in the federal judicial system for harmful or dangerous products being sold and harvested by Monsanto.  Federal courts cannot stop the sale or planting of Monsanto’s products – even if they are found to be dangerous or life-threatening.  Yay for us!  I am so glad we are relying on Congress and Big Business to protect our health and wellness.

Shame on our President, shame on our lawmakers, shame on the people who conspiratorially created this bill that in effect harms consumers and ultimately the health and well-being of our country and children.  May the consumers, farmers, and food freedom lovers of this country give you the spanking that you deserve.

Now, not to worry – we have tons of power at the State level and in our counties to stop corporations with mal-intent from entering our food system.  We are a bit behind the curve on this one, but we can make up for it.  If you are mad, go out and buy a share of products from a local farmer.  If you are mad and have some investment capital, go out and buy some farmland.  If you are mad and have time on your hands, work on a city or state-level resolution to stop Monsanto and other corporations from working with lawmakers to create laws that erode your personal rights and food freedom.

We are the ultimate authority of how we spend our money and time.  Let’s stop screaming at our pathetic federal representatives, and instead work at the State and local level to take our food freedom back!

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  1. I do not need any test of GMO food, if it is ok or not. They themselves refuse to eat their own products and it is enough for me. I do not want eat/use products of anyone, who do not want to eat/use its own products.

    Our representatives do not read/write the bills, which they are passing too and I am afraid, that the same situation is in other countries on the world. Maybe except Switzerland and Pitcairn island. So I would like to add this: Shame on people, who are going to vote in elections, but do not looking, what their representative is really doing in the office.

    By the way, Scott Tipton sit in the Comittee on Agriculture and he voted: YEA

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