Chile Chili Festival

The New Face of American Agriculture

Based in the desert foothills, on the western slope of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, Palisade Produce specializes in bringing their customers the sweetest, ripest, most delicious produce possible.

Palisade Produce was founded in January of 2007 by David and Jamie Cox. David grew up on his parents’ peach farm, Rocky Mountain Peach Company, and has been operating on his own ground, full-time, since May of 2005. Jaime has been managing the local farmers markets for the last few years and will now be the sales manager for the wholesale operation. Their guarantee to customers is to deliver fruit of exceptional quality at low prices in the most convenient way possible.

David and Jamie both grew up in Palisade and began dating their junior year at Palisade High School. David returned to the area to pursue farming after obtaining his bachelors degree in electrical engineering from the University of Colorado (CU). Jaime studied architecture at CU and went on to earn her masters degree in architecture from Syracuse University. She now practices architecture at Chamberlin Architects, in Grand Junction when she’s not selling peaches.

Farming Practices
Palisade Produce is on the forefront of farming technological advances, particularly to increase efficiency and ecological balance. Many of the technologies they integrate reduce work and are environmentally friendly at the same time.

Thanks in part to grants from the National Resource Conservation Service, they have installed sprinklers in most of their orchards. Sprinkler systems reduce work and solve water problems at the same time. The system lowers farm water consumption through the elimination of furrow irrigation while at the same time lowering saline levels in the Colorado River that traditional irrigation eventually precipitates.

Palisade Produce strives to incorporate as many natural methods as possible in the struggle against fruit tree pests and the elements. Whenever possible they avoid the use of synthetic sprays in favor of natural solutions. In their conventionally produced fruit, they still have to use synthetic sprays to stop a problem that isn’t currently addressed with natural methods or to quell an unusually bad infestation of pests. By pursuing feasible organic methods, however, they attempt to create naturally balanced orchards that promote health through reducing or eliminating synthetic chemicals.

Palisade Produce also recycles as much of their waste as possible and encourages all of their customers to recycle the cardboard that contains their peaches.

Palisade Produce has gone Solar!
Palisade Produce reached a net zero energy use status for the 2010 season.  They have installed 25kw of solar panels on the roof of their shipping facility and 10kw of solar panels producing energy for their orchard pump stations.
Wholesale Opportunities
If you are interested in selling their peaches as fundraising for your group or organization please contact Jamie for more information. They currently ship approximately 35,000 boxes of peaches to Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin for church organizations, Kiwanis and Lions Clubs to raise money for their

Chile Chili Festival

Are you ready to pre-order peaches now and pick them up at the Chile Chili Festival?  Call or email Palisade Produce today and make they we have your peaches reserved and ready to pick up at the event September 1st!  From Farmer to Consumer, now That’s Natural!


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